Monday, December 1, 2008

Vampire City (As Opposed to Weekend)

I will go ahead and admit that I have been reading Twilight. Yes, it is poorly written and at times more than slightly idiotic, but it's also not a bad way to pass time in a city that in many ways seems a safe haven for vampires. (Interested, Cullens?)

I also am embarrassed to say that it wasn't until the second book that I understood how a vampire series could be written by (and this is an assumption, but she did go to BYU) a Mormon. Eternal marriage, duh! (But then again, she - the writer, not Bella - is married to a guy named Pancho. Can anyone explain?)

L'il Sis also picked up the book (partly my fault, I have to admit; sorry, Serious Readers of the World) and brought up a good point: Why do the Cullens have to be rich? Why does this point seem so important and . . . souligné? Feel free to weigh in - and admit that you've been reading the series, too.


Misery said...

I have read the series and love it. No apologies. I'm a sucker for potato-chip books.

I think it's easy for the Cullens to be rich simply because they've had centuries to amass wealth. My problem is why do Carlise and Esme have to be so young? The structure of the family is already clunky enough to really stretch believability (I think Jasper and Emmet could've been left out altogether.) But it would have made much more sense for the "parents" to just not be in their "30"s.

Livia said...

mariah and kristen are also into twilight. maybe you and ann could challenge them to a twilight-themed scrabble game.
p.s. i can't read the books because i am afraid of vampires. i'm not joking.

Ann said...

Why did you center the image?

maisie said...

There - better, L'il Sis?