Monday, December 8, 2008

Brussels Beauty Tour

I don't know if it's me, the weather, the calcium-rich water, or mild culture shock, but something is going on with my skin. And it's not just the fleas.

So I decided to try not one, but two estheticians. Since googling "Brussels and facials" doesn't yield much result, I thought it might be worth writing about, at the very least to see if anyone else has any suggestions. Skip this post if skin care does not interest you in the least.

The fruits of my dermo-adventures so far:

Livia Kova. Self-proclaimed "legend around town" spa near Place Lux. Generally gets good reviews. I wasn't personally in love with its cherub and excess-of-charm aesthetic, but the esthetician did a good job, and the whole experience was comfortable, if not necessarily luxurious. Aggressive attempt to sell product was a slight turn-off at the end. A facial can be had for 87€, which borders on expensive by my standards, depending on the exchange rate.

Pause Beauté (no web site; 0478 35 95 79). This one was a little more of a gamble. I think I persisted in getting an appointment (not the easiest thing - closed more often than open, returned my call over a day later) simply because it seemed a little difficult. But most importantly, it's around the corner from my apartment in Saint Gilles. Like many things here, the experience was a bit weird and yet enjoyably so. (This is starting to take on a tone I didn't intend.) For one, the esthetician informed me she basically had all the time in the world, just like her family members in Africa. Not sure if that meant business is a little slow. What this did mean was that built into the facial were a number of lengthy massages, some with reflexology. Overall enjoyable experience, clocking in at 2h and 88€. (High eighties seems the going rate.)

If someone were paying me for this, I would also check out Aspria, Espace Beauté, Serendip Spa, and subscription-based Wax Zone Ixelles. Let me know if you have done so already.

P.S. Salon de Shyou and Mario Badescu, you are missed. 

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