Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ah, Healthcare in Belgium

When you don't have a lot to hang our hat on, you will turn anything into a coat rack take what you can get (better put: beggars can't be choosers). So, in the midst of yesterday's abundant wet snow, coupled with the ever-dwindling number of daylight hours, I wasn't all that pleased to receive a bill for a recent ER visit. Except that, when I opened the bill, I was overjoyed to find the cost of an ER visit here to be a mere (drumroll, please) 21,53€.

Only in Belgium, never in the United States of Uninsured-Middle-Class America.

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britoutofwater said...

Am I detecting increasing despondency?! Just look forward to those spring days of sunshine, great food, long walks, and easy access to some of the great cities of Europe. And take solace from the fact that (today excepted) it is freezing here in New York, and only set to get colder.

Got to love (basically) free healthcare at the point of delivery though, huh?