Wednesday, October 29, 2008

French Class

I started an intensive French course at l'Alliance Française on Monday. Although I have yet to experience anything on the level of, say, Me Talk Pretty One Day, I think the class has the potential, beyond improving my French, to prove quite entertaining.
For one, none of us speak French particularly well, but it's the only language we all have in common. The group includes a Brazilian psychologist, Italian swim instructor, and Vietnamese monk, as well as a Flemish woman who works for some kind of not-for-profit cultural concern. There's also a Russian and a Spaniard, along with a fairly hyperactive instructor named Angélique who is given to dramatic gesticulation and likes to accuse us of being low-energy.
(I must say, a Google image search for "french class" yields some silly finds. And at least I'm not in this class.) 

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