Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Bane of My Existence

The ingenious-yet-sadistic momofuku ko online reservation system is driving me, for lack of a better word, bonkers. I am not alone in this; (more luminary) others have expressed similar frustration and despair.

My pathetic ritual goes as follows: I feel boundlessly hopeful every morning around 9:57, only to be inevitably let down by a red X-filled landscape mere minutes later. I have learned to position my mouse in the right quadrant of my screen, ready to pounce on yummy green checkmarks. If said checkmark appears on the grid, I feel elated - only to be casually informed shortly thereafter that someone else has "nabbed" my spot. My productivity ebbs and flows throughout the day as a function of my constant stalking of the site. In short, I am in need of serious help (or a convenient move to Brussels).

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