Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ode to the Redhead

There's nothing like leaving a city, not to mention the City, to make you appreciate its charms. I've spent years grumbling about my block's annoyances, including cat-size rats, a condemned corner building that endangers the lives of pedestrians, a drunk singing neighbor permanently perched on the stoop, and no less than 4 different waste management companies that make the nightly rounds.

It never hurt, though, that Momofuku Ssam was just a stone's throw away. Before David Chang became a total rock star, we (4 close friends, J, and I) were lucky enough to celebrate New Year's over some delightful pork butt - with maybe 4 other diners. We actually worried about the sustainability of the restaurant and its insistence on making extra-tasty Chipotle wraps during the day. How things have changed.

It wasn't until the Redhead moved into the old Detour that we had a canteen again. Chef Meg Grace heads up the venture and has spent time at the Modern, as well as Brennan's, in New Orleans, which means she turns out food that soothes my Chinese Southern soul. I've enjoyed most of the menu, although my favorites include the One-Eyed Caesar Salad and Pan-Seared Trout, and the Ginger Snap off the drinks menu. SE: New York has a full review and some delectable pictures.

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