Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moving to Brussels

I am starting this blog because I found out we will be moving to Brussels, Belgium. We will be leaving New York due to a change in my husband's job. In the mean time, I will be gathering information on all things Belgian. So far, I have learned that, coming from the East Village, Ixelles is the neighborhood we might want to live in, and that the cost of living and quality of life there will compare quite nicely to that of our current hometown.

That said, telling die-hard New Yorkers - which most of our friends seem to have become - that you are leaving New York can be quite a chore. Apparently, many people think that by telling them, you are actively soliciting their advice, despite the fact that most of them have never actually been to Brussels.

Of course, both my husband J and I have mixed feelings about leaving New York in the first place. We've lived here for ten years, and despite our constant complaints about the burdensome logistics of living here, it's hard to imagine making a home in another city. Not to mention leaving our friends and social life - or the simple fact that the latter exists.

So, this will be an adventure. Bienvenue and welkom.

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noa said...

YAY for blogs about brussels!!! If you have to go, at least I can stalk your euro-shenanigans via RSS until i can visit ;-)